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"Our real estate and architecture drone photography is delivered at the highest standards. If you are a Realtor, a new home builder, designer, architect or a general contractor, our premium videos will help your business rise above the competition.

Drone Photography

There are times when the story to be told is too big to stay on the ground. Our premium drone photography and videography services offer a bird’s eye view of just about anywhere. From real estate listings to large commercial spaces, we capture your project in high detail with creativity and artistry from the skies above.


Every client’s needs are different.  At times, it’s an Uptown skyline shot that’s needed. Next, I’m in the country shooting 50 acres.  Now matter where I fly, drone photographs and drone video shots are always some of the most inspiring.


What most people don’t realize is how far from Uptown Charlotte you can be and still see the Uptown skyline.  Its actually one of my favorite shots and I take it as often as possible. Half of the time I’m so far from Uptown Charlotte it’s like a sea of endless trees and the emerald city piercing the skyline in the distance. It’s always beautiful.


Drone images can be a separate order or an add-on to another package.  If you are ordering a luxury real estate video or a n architecture video, drone video is included. For showing the subject properties setting, there is no better way to show the neighborhood and proximity to major points of interest than what a drone offers.


*Drone video and drone photography are not available in all areas. FAA restrictions apply. Pilot certificate No. 4102410


Paul Bosko Photography and Video

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Charlotte, North Carolina

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