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My passion with photography and videography started decades ago. I still have vivid memories spending time in the darkroom with my grandfather learning the basics. I also studied photography for some time in high school and during my first attempt at college.  I later graduated with a BS in Business Administration and marketing from the University of Southern California.


Of course, technology has evolved tremendously from those first days in the darkroom.  We now live in a digital world. Nevertheless, the passion and drive to express artistry and create beautiful images never changed. It’s in my DNA.


Adapting to the new and faster world has been an ongoing process and I have enjoyed every minute. The efficiencies in production from concept to finished product is mind-blowing. In the time it used to take to develop 1 perfect image, I can now produce 100 or more.   


In the past, I’ve been a realtor, a mortgage lender, and I was a corrugated packaging graphic designer for nine years. In 2014, I started as a part-time photographer and in 2015, I started offering photography and videography full-time. In the beginning, I worked just about every type of event imaginable including weddings, conventions, professional sports and, corporate marketing events to name a few.


Finally, in 2017 I found real estate and architecture photography and video. It was the perfect match.   I have never had so much fun working, and I look forward to every project, every day.


I was born and raised in California and moved to North Carolina in 2007. It’s been a wonderful journey.

To make things even better I have a wonderful wife of 25 years+ and two beautiful young adult children. I’m a lucky guy.


With 1000’s of properties shot, you can be assured I have the experience and technical skills to make every location look its best

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