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“One of my favorite childhood memories was working with my grandfather in his darkroom when I was 10 years old. He patiently taught me how to develop pictures and from then on, I was the kid with the camera. I carried that fascination with me as I grew up and even today on vacation with my family, one of my kids will ask, “Where is Dad,” and invariably someone will reply, “Oh, he’s over there lying on the ground taking a picture.”

It was never a just a hobby for me; I feel naked without my camera. It’s in my DNA to do this, to find the best shot ever, every time. My style is surrealistic, it’s storytelling, it’s art meant to be shared. It’s my privilege and fortune to have been able to parlay my passion for photography and videography into a successful business where I can truly showcase the energy of people and events.”

- Paul Boskovich

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